Diet + Exercise = weight loss for now

Diet + Exercise + SUPPORT = weight loss for good


Think Your Way To Thin is a whole support program dedicated to helping you understand how your daily life and lifestyle can affect your will-power. Food choices are made moment by moment. Ron Villano has the tools that will empower you to change your old thoughts in these critical moments and help keep you right on track!

Certified Hypnotist and weight loss consultant Judy Sherman can help you get on track. Get your questions answered and finally get with the program! Friendly, fun, informative and thought-provoking — a support program designed to keep YOU on track!

Have you had the same weight loss new year resolution for years? Do you start, stop, re-start and change programs over and over again? Then its time to get with the program! Change your thoughts — change your life — Lose that weight forever!

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Ron Villano is the founder and director of Family & Personal Counseling and Hypnosis of Long Island. You can reach him at

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