Our business was lost after 9/11. Ron helped us not only get back on track, but make more profit while having more fun. Going to work is a pleasure!

I have taken the simple and powerful relaxation techniques I learned at work from Ron Villano home with me to my family. We all benefit from taking that little 20 minute downtime.

Ron helped me straighten out my personal life by helping me take charge of my career. Feeling at peace with my profession has let everything else fall into place.

This is what you can expect from bringing Ron Villano on your team. Using the powerful tips and tools from his private counseling practice, Ron has expanded his expertise on relationship building to create the cutting edge program that you are looking for — Team Sychronicity.

  • • 20 minute stress busting relaxation techniques you can do anywhere
  • • The last 3 problem solving steps you will ever need
  • • Re-establish and redefine boundaries with no disruptions
  • • On site guidance, advice, and answers when you need it
  • • Learn to easily make change without fear

Credentialed, experienced, and widely acclaimed on radio and TV. Ron has the perfect blend of business coaching and professional psychology to make the foundation of your business stronger than ever. Let Ron work with you from start to finish and give you the cutting edge approach you have been looking for to get your business back in sync!

Ron Villano is the founder and director of Family & Personal Counseling and Hypnosis of Long Island. You can reach him at ronvillano@ronvillano.com

Police Surgeon’s Benevolent Association
American Counseling Association
NYS Mental Health Counselors Association

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