Do you feel stuck, discouraged and depressed?
Are you going through the motions… just letting your life pass you by?
Do you wish you had more control over your life?
When you choose to change your thoughts, you begin to change your life!

If you are eager for change, this is a THE place to start to find results that will last a lifetime!

Ron Villano and Family & Personal Counseling has the perfect blend of professional expertise and personal experience to help create a completely comfortable yet powerful counseling environment. Our multi-faceted approach will work for you no matter how bad things are or how powerless you feel. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve, enhance and invigorate your life, your relationships and your career.

Founder and Director Ron Villano, M.S., LMHC, ASAC, CCH is one of the world’s leading therapists and has endured one of life’s worst nightmares, the loss of a child. Ron and his team of therapists, counselors and advisors will help you experience more change in 30 days then you have ever had during your whole lifetime, no matter what you fear, not matter what you are facing.

Our approach is so unique and cutting-edge that you will begin to feel better right from the start. Why? Founder, Director and Mental Health Counselor Ron Villano knows that there is no problem that can’t be fixed when you break it down into real life-changing steps.

We have an expert team of professionals who can work with the specific areas that you may need. Substance abuse, smoking cessation, weight loss, hypnosis, anxiety and depression are just a few areas we specialize in. No matter what you are facing, the therapists at Family & Personal Counseling have the expertise to help you find your way through.

Individual, family or group – our extraordinary problem-solving skills, unparalleled expertise and a great sense of humor, will help you to uncover, recover, and discover new paths in your journey.

Let’s face it – change is inevitable…being scared and overwhelmed is not.

What you need is a few crucial yet simple action steps you can implement TODAY to change your life. Ron Villano and Family & Personal Counseling will offer you one of the most valuable, powerful and comprehensive programs you will ever come across. Don’t you think you deserve this opportunity? You know you do!

When you choose to change your thoughts, you begin to change your life. It takes just a second – call (631) 758-8290 right now and get your life back in your hands.

Ron Villano is the founder and director of Family & Personal Counseling and Hypnosis of Long Island. You can reach him at

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