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Renowned therapist, charismatic speaker and celebrated author Ron Villano will change your life forever by sharing his tragic and inspiring life lessons with you. You can finally let go of what is holding you back and reach out for the real, honest advice that you can trust from the master of change. Live life with The Zing today!

As a bereaved father he always speaks from the heart. As a therapist he knows just the right advice to give. As a national media celebrity he entertains and delivers the perfect life-changing message.

Go from living life to loving the life you live!

Ron Villano is a licensed mental health counselor, lecturer, coach, national celebrity, and author whose profound wisdom, expertise and charisma have touched thousands of lives worldwide. His powerful yet simple approach helps people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to create the world of their dreams and live their best life.

“Inspiring, intelligent, compassionate, funny, entertaining”…These are just some of the words used by people to describe Ron. He delivers his message with such passion, enthusiasm, impact, and humor that you will feel better right from the start!

When his time with you is over, amazing things will happen: Inner drive increases, morale is raised, creativity is fueled, and challenging situations are approached with fresh perspective. Suddenly, life has new meaning, and everyone feels empowered and energized…The world is full of possibilities and there is no limit to what you can accomplish!

Ron has risen to national prominence by motivating individuals, families and groups to make the best of every situation, overcome tremendous odds, and turn tragedy into triumph. His message is incredibly compelling. It is a message he has learned from his own experience.

After enduring the excruciating pain of losing his seventeen-year-old son Michael, Ron found a way to get back into the swing of things and discover a whole new meaning in life – to honor Michael’s life by choosing to live HIS. He shares his phenomenal insights and advice with others to help them to uncover, recover and discover a whole new way of living life.

Ron delivers his life-changing message in many ways – to individuals and families as a therapist; and to businesses, corporations, and organizations through keynotes, seminars and special events. And as a national motivational speaker, Ron appears on the Verizon FiOS1 network, hosts two of his own internet radio shows, and makes appearances across the country. His life-changing resources – books, articles, CDs – help people achieve phenomenal success, both in business and life.

According to Ron, “anyone can learn how to embrace critical lifestyle changes, stop being a victim, and live an extraordinary life – with a sense of fulfillment, energy and vitality. All they need are new tips and tools for living an a willingness to open their mind to new thoughts.”

Whether you want to create amazing relationships, lose weight, get over a painful loss, conquer addiction, or feel better about living life, Ron Villano will help you achieve greatness in EVERYTHING you do. He has the perfect blend of professional and personal experience to give you the inspiration you need to let go of the fear and embrace the changes ahead of you.

Take your next step in a whole new direction. Transform every aspect of your life and embrace the joy of feeling peace at last. It’s never too late, it’s easier than you think and, most of all, you deserve it!

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Ron Villano is the founder and director of Family & Personal Counseling and Hypnosis of Long Island. You can reach him at

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